Day Treatment Admission Criteria

The Day Treatment program is designed for those students who do not cope well within the traditional classroom setting and are unable to attend school. This would primarily include students who are presenting emotional and behaviour problems as a result of personal or familial difficulties. These students may also be identified as having learning disabilities such as A.D.D. and A.D.H.D., and may also be struggling to develop appropriate social and interpersonal skills. Students with clear psychiatric difficulties would not be appropriate for this program as intense psychiatric services and supports are not presently available within this program. Students with addictions or with clear substance abuse problems would not be candidates for this program. Students with developmental handicaps or who function cognitively at a very low level may also not be candidates for this program.

Admission Procedure

Enterphase Child & Family Services requests that all available information on the prospective client be forwarded to the Day Treatment Coordinator of Enterphase Child & Family Services to allow the treatment team to review the information. This would include I.P.R.C. findings and recommendations, psychological assessments, educational assessments and any other reports that would aid the team in determining appropriateness of placement and treatment planning.

All information can be mailed to:
Enterphase Child & Family Services
Attention: Jennifer Phillips, Day Treatment Coordinator
209 Bond Street East
Oshawa, Ontario
L1G 1B4

or information can be faxed to our main office at 905-434-1775, or sent by e-mail to


  1. An interview between the child, the parents or guardian and the classroom staff will be arranged if the child seems to be appropriate for the classroom.
  2. The classroom code of conduct and expectations will be explained to the child with the parents or guardian present and a written copy will be given to the prospective student and family.
  3. If indications are that the child would be an appropriate candidate, a short pre-placement visit could be set up to allow the child to experience the classroom before final placement. A placement date will be arranged after this visit if all parties are still in agreement with the placement.
  4. All documentation regarding the placement must be signed before the child’s first day in the classroom.