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Day Treatment Program

Philosophy, Mission Statement, Description & Services

Throughout our history, Enterphase Child & Family Services has attempted to successfully address the ever changing needs of the community, specifically in respect to that of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children and their families. It has become evident that the “needs” have often outgrown many of the traditional services available. We have encountered a significant need for services regarding latency aged children with multiple disorders requiring levels of support beyond those available through traditional resources e.g., mainstream academic services and /or mainstream with limited support.

Enterphase has worked towards addressing those needs in developing a spectrum of services, our community based “day treatment” programming enriches this process while enhancing collaborative projects with community strength based agencies such as The Durham Children’s Aid Society, The Durham Family Court Clinic, The Durham Board of Education, The Durham Catholic District School Board, The Children’s Aid Society of Toronto, The Toronto Catholic District School Board, and Storey Homes Ltd.

Mission Statement:

Through the development of a multi-agency partnership and an alternative classroom model, our mission is to provide safety, stabilization and an accurate individualized assessment of the emotional and academic functioning of our clients.  As well, the program makes efforts to identify the obstacles to improvement for all clients accepted into the program.  This stabilization, assessment and individualized planning process will promote a successful growth and learning experience for clients that will enhance their ability to manage their emotional states, increase their coping and interactive skills, add to their knowledge base, and promote accepted social values.

Vision Statement:

Clients referred to the Enterphase Day Treatment Program have generally had a negative experience regarding school and school expectations.  Our vision is to improve the mental health and overall functioning of our clients through understandable and informed intervention that will lead to an alternative experience about school, enhanced ability to function in the school system and within society.

Program Goals:

Enterphase Child & Family Services will assist its clients in the development, skill and self confidence needed to grow in becoming secure and responsible adults. To this end, we will provide secure and predictable environments in which children can learn and “grow up” without having to necessarily move from within the program. We endeavor to develop inter-personal skills, re-affirm his/her self worth, a positive identity for self, natural family, and community. Treatment goals will be individually tailored in meeting the needs of the child and his/her family. We assist in fostering a sense of community and develop a community based team that is involved as an integral part of his/her daily routine and academic needs.

Resource/Residence/Day Treatment Goals:

  • A commitment to fully utilize the Enterphase Clinical Support Resources in developing the most effective, individualized treatment modes in consultation with our Psychiatrist, Psychologists and Therapists.
  • To emphasize the strengths and uniqueness of each student, and, as such, individualize his/her treatment plan in terms of those needs.
  • Ensure that all children feel cared for; their sense of self dignity is preserved, as is their need for personal space and privacy.
  • Ensure that staff are committed to openness, listening with kindness and empathy to the hurt that many children have endured.
  • Ensure that our day treatment programming is conducive to providing a stimulating and structured academic environment that addresses both behavioural and academic needs.
  • Ensure that all students placed within the Enterphase Day Treatment Classes are provided with a treatment oriented academic program and as such allow for the provision of an education complimented through treatment goals.
  • Ensure that program/day treatment assessment, program planning, program delivery and evaluation occur in consultation with the child’s parents or guardian.
  • That all staff are supportive and acknowledge that effective change takes place through knowledge and communication. In essence, committed to helping youngsters discuss and effectively deal with major life issues in a positive manner.
  • That all of our staff are academically trained Child & Youth Workers, fully trained in U.M.A.B. (Understanding and Managing Aggressive Behaviors); First Aid and CPR certified; Fire, Safety & Security, Clinical Development certified, having a working knowledge of Anger Management and impulse control techniques.

All referrals, where possible, will be encouraged to attend main stream schools. The availability of this treatment-oriented educational program assists in the programming and supervision of students who are unable to cope with the traditional structures, organization or demands of a conventional educational environment. Individual planning, based on the understood needs of each child, are developed with the goals of promoting a positive self image, positive interpersonal effectiveness and enhancement of strengths and talents. It is preferable that all students be identified/assessed through the Board of Education Identification, Placement and Review Committee.

Enterphase presently operates fourteen Day Treatment classrooms in collaboration with The Durham Children’s Aid Society, The Children’s Aid Society of Toronto, The Durham Board of Education, The Toronto Catholic District School Board and The Peterborough Victoria  Northumberland Clarington Catholic District School Board.

Our Day Treatment Coordinator supervises and co-ordinates the academic component and is supported by our Day Treatment Clinical Facilitator who provides additional support on a day to day basis.