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Frequently Asked Questions

We have included some of the questions we are asked most frequently here for your convenience. If you have any questions that are not answered below, please click here to contact us directly.

How long do clients remain within the residential programs?

That will vary depending on the nature of the client and an assessment of the type of work needed to assist the client. The average stay within our residential program is approximately 2 years.

What is residential treatment and how is it different from a group home?

Residential treatment provided by Enterphase goes far beyond providing a safe environment with structure, routine and organization to manage a client’s behaviour. It also encompasses an approach which includes a detailed review of the client’s personal and family history, an assessment of the clients present treatment needs, psychological and psychiatric consultation and identification of individual treatment recommendations and goals. These goals centre on assisting the client to feel better about themselves and their situation and thereby to function better in all areas of their life.

What is the referral process within your Residential Program?

Referrals to the program can be made by contacting our Clinical Manager at (905)434-8909 ext. 22

Who provides the care for the clients and what is their training?

The staff in all our programs generally have a college diploma child and youth work (or a related diploma) and are extensively trained by Enterphase in such courses as U.M.A.B., Clinical Training, fire and safety training, safe driver training, first aid training, medication administration training and other related training courses.

Can a client be placed in the day treatment program, but not in the residential program and vise versa?

A client can access the day treatment programs only, or can access the residential programs and use a main steam or alternate school program from the Enterphase Day Treatment program. Planning is individualized to meet the client’s needs and directed by the clinical indicators.

Do you accept private referrals?

Typically referrals are made by the Children’s Aid Societies or through other child and family services capable of providing the funding.

Do you offer services (i.e. psychiatric, psychological, individual psychotherapy) to children/youth that are not residing within Enterphase?

Unfortunately, Enterphase does not provide outpatient services at this time; however, exceptions are made for former clients requiring such services.

How are referrals made within your Day Treatment Program?

All referrals or enquiries to the Day Treatment Program are made by contacting the Day Treatment Manager, at (905)432-9994 or by sending an e-mail.